4K Themes for Xbox One X (11 sets, 231 images total)

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Hello r/XboxThemes – it’s been a while!Recently, a couple of redditors reached out to ask if I’d updated my old custom Xbox themes for the new dashboard, and for the upcoming Xbox One X… and now I have!So here are 11 custom-made sets of themes/wallpapers for Xbox One X (and Xbox One S)!Every image is at 4K resolution (3840×2160), and each set includes 21 images, one for every color variant to match the Xbox system colors. I’ve re-worked the old images to play better with the new dashboard layout, and for the rendered images, I’ve added extra details that will pop out when viewed at full resolution.The last set in the series is a special addition to celebrate the launch of the Xbox One X.You can find a gallery of all the theme previews – with links to each set included – here: https://imgur.com/a/BMsmCOr you can link to the individual sets here:Concentric Circles (Corner)Concentric Circles (Top)Concentric Circles (Bottom)Dark Concentric Circles (Corner)Dark Concentric Circles (Top)Dark Concentric Circles (Bottom)Paper Circles (Glitter)Paper Circles (Floral Pattern)Xbox Logo SphereMicroscopicProject ScorpioFinally, here is a link to a gallery of the entire set: https://imgur.com/a/8psyGHope you guys enjoy my work – thanks for checking it out!

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